About Basque



Basqueculture.eus is an official website designed for international audiences, focusing on various aspects of Basque culture, art, creativity, heritage and language (Euskara). It is a window into the culture of our land. We invite you to look through the window and explore the articles, stories and essays by the people who create and shape our culture.

Basqueculture.eus is also a gateway for industry professionals from other countries seeking information on the audiovisual, music, publishing, performing arts and plastic art sectors, as well as Basque heritage and language. This website will allow you to contact the main actors in these sectors.

Basqueculture.eus is one of the pillars of BASQUE., the brand that aims to raise the profile of Basque culture abroad and shine a spotlight on both the artistic panorama and the cultural and creative industries.

Basqueculture.eus is publicly funded and has been created and developed by the Etxepare Basque Institute, a public entity of the Basque Government whose purpose is to promote international recognition of the Basque language, culture and creative talent, and to build lasting relationships with other countries and cultures in the areas of academics and culture.

Basqueculture.eus is managed by the Etxepare Basque Institute and is a joint project with the Basque Government, Zineuskadi, and Musika Bulegoa.