Photo: Irusoin / Moriarti – Aundiya Film AIE


BASQUE. AUDIOVISUAL. is the brand name behind the internationalization of the Basque audiovisual sector and it’s operated by Zineuskadi, the Basque Audiovisual Office.
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In recent years, the Basque audiovisual sector has received a boost thanks to the creation and consolidation of film-related entities and the success of local film productions.


It is the Basque Audiovisual Offce; a non-profit association involved in promoting the strategic development and expansion of the Basque audiovisual sector.


It makes an annual selection of Basque short films for promotion and distribution around the world.

Euskadiko Filmategia

Created to satisfy the need to preserve and disseminate the audiovisual heritage of the Basque Country, the Basque Film Archive is located in San Sebastian’s Tabakalera Contemporary Culture Centre.


It is a cluster of content production, distribution and exhibition companies whose aim is to promote development and competitiveness within the sector.

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