Basque. Playlist. #10 – Olaia Inziarte

15 Dec 2023

Navarre-born musician Olaia Inziarte has always had a deep connection to music, blending both classic and contemporary influences in her work. Right now, Olaia Inziarte is embarking on a solo journey with the project ´Lehengo Lepotikan Burua´ (2022). She also collaborates with fellow Basque artists like Iker Lauroba and Chica Sobresalto, playing keyboard and providing backing vocals. Inziarte mixes traditional and avant-garde sounds, presenting compositions in a captivating "dark pop" style.

In her debut solo album, she delves into the socio-cultural, political-economic, as well as family and emotions that have shaped her since childhood. The album is eclectic, fusing elements of rock, singer-songwriter music, traditional Basque tunes, pop, soul, electronic, and urban music. She fearlessly combines organic and electronic instruments in her music. She has brought together different generations with the selected collaborations, traveling with each one to their own world.

‘Lehengo Lepotikan Burua’ was one of the five finalists for Best Album in Basque at the MIN Independent Music Awards in 2023.

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