Basque. Playlist. #12 – Maren

27 Feb 2024
Basque. Playlist. #12 – Maren

The young pop music promise wants to explore in her latest work the sound experience that combines minimalism, psychedelia and roots.

Maren began writing songs at the age of eleven and at 14 released her first EP ´Alguien Sin Vergüenza´, recorded in 48 Volts studio in Barcelona with Catalan producer John Caballés. That first EP featured a mix of songs in Basque, Spanish and English. Her most recent EPs are from 2021: “Margaritas y Lavanda´ and ‘Begixek’, the latter entirely in Basque.

The álbum ‘Begixek’ intertwines contemporary themes with childhood memories, offering a blend of past and present. Among the songs on this five-song compilation is a version of the Basque folk song ´Katalintxu´ written for her great-great-grandmother Katalin Arruabarrena.

Maren delves into a journey of sound that merges minimalism, psychedelia, and roots. As a rising star in pop music, she emphasizes the universal language of music, which allows us to appreciate other cultures and draw closer to them, regardless of language barriers.

Maren has performed at a variety of venues and festivals including Les Arts Valencia, Luce Benicàssim, Son do Camiño (Santiago), Cooltural fest Almería, and Cruïlla Barcelona. Throughout these venues, she has shared elements of Basque culture by singing in Basque, receiving outstanding reception from audiences. In the upcoming months, she plans to perform concerts beyond the borders of the Basque Country, in Zaragoza, Madrid, Valencia and León.

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