Basque. Playlist. #15 – Izaro

20 May 2024

Izaro Andrés (Mallavia, 1993) started playing the guitar and composing music while at university. During that period, he performed acoustic concerts sporadically. His passion for music intensified during a stint in California to complete his studies, prompting him to pursue a career in music. Upon returning to the Basque Country, he released his debut album: ‘Om’ (2016).

For a decade now, Izaro Andrés has worked as a composer and vocalist. Across her career, she´s released five albums featuring lyrics in Basque, Spanish, and English. She has collaborated with renowned artists such as Daymé Aroce, Alex Ferreira, and Bratty. She has also created soundtracks for films, starred in and directed a documentary, and even graced the stage with her dance moves.

Cerodenero’ (2023) is Izaro Andrés’ fifth studio album. In her album, she embarks on an introspective journey, weaving together elements of pop, folk, electronic, and roots music. The 12 tracks of the album take listeners on an emotional journey divided into four stages. It´s a sonic and conceptual voyage that articulates through poetry, metaphors, and melodies, capturing moments of elation, despair, and electronic rhythms.

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