Basque. Playlist. #6 - Merina Gris

Formed in Donostia in 2020, Merina Gris is a three-member Basque band: Sara, Julen and Paskal. The group creates pop music with a strong synthesizer sound. Their lyrics ponder the internal struggle of embracing one´s true self within the fabric of our contemporary society. 

As artists, their meticulous staging revolves prominently around the fusion of audio and visuals within their imaginative realm. By concealing their identities behind masks, they lend greater significance to the essence of their work, keeping the audience from forming preconceived notions that might influence their perception. 

The band debuted in October 2022 with ´Besteek Zer´, the single that thrust them onto the Basque scene and marked the path for ´Saiatzen Naiz´, ´90´, ´Ez Geratu Azalean´ and ´Ardi Latxen Herrian´, together with Belako vocalist Cris Lizarraga. With their vibrant, violent, nostalgic, and avant-garde pop songs, the band establishes itself as a noteworthy contender within the realm of artists recognized at the state level. In March 2022, they released their first LP, ´Zerua Orain´, produced by Ed Is Dead, featuring 8 songs – 6 in Basque and 2 in Spanish.  Their debut concert including songs from ´Zerua Orain´ resulted in selling out in under 24 hours. This triumph paved the way for their journey, encompassing over 35 concerts at both national and international levels. The group´s popularity is undeniable: Among other awards, this year they received the Musika Bulegoa award and were finalists in the MIN awards in the category of Best Album in Basque. 

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